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Childhood Memories are the most precious memories in any one's life. To refresh them, Artspread brings to you an Online Exhibition "Stories of childhood" by the two renowned artists Dr Manisha Patil and Mr. Hitendra Singh Bhatti.

Dr. Manisha Patil is known for acrylic artworks. Her artworks show the imprints of her childhood memories i.e., family, traditions, rituals, festivals, people, places and possessions.  The stances, gestures, emotive eyes, attires of the human beings are vital elements in her works.

Hitendra singh bhatti is great at creating figurative works. His creations mainly features toy seller, chai walla and the artists. His works reflect the buried memories and experiences of childhood. In my paintings, I go in for earthy colours like grey and yellow ochre," he says.

Using contemporary style and a playful imagination, the exhibits range from dreamy visions of young ones in the family and memories of our childhood.

Let's all recall that innocent stage of our life and let it feel from heart.

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20th floor, Nirmal Building
Nariman Point
Mumbai 400021
Maharashtra , INDIA

Date and Timings
From 23 Oct,2015 to 31 Oct,2015