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Delving deep into culture, heritage and religion our latest exhibition brings you a rich collection of paintings by Kishan Kappari the celebrated artist from Telengana.

Kishan Kappari denotes the feminine essence of Southern folklore. Across festivals and celebrations, women sing and dance paying homage to deities and the magnificence of nature. Kappari effortlessly translates these moments of joy and adornment onto acrylic on canvas. His unique portrayal of women is traditional yet contemporary in style.

His latest series of works done to commemorate the occassion of Buddha Purnmima focusses on the Buddha and Eternal Enlightenment. The artist uses a refreshing combination of monochromatic tones and warm colours to achieve striking contrasts. He seeks to spread a message of peace, joy and the importance of spiritual practice through these works.



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Maharashtra , INDIA

Date and Timings
From 01 Aug,2015 to 31 Aug,2015