Fashion-E-Art at India Intimate Fashion Week Season 2

We are back, at the 2nd India Intimate Fashion Week. is at the forefront of partnering with beauty, purpose, and style.

What is art, if not completely an intimate experience? It is a language without a script, music without a note, a lovers’ sigh without the heartburn.

Art stores the wealth of expression & experience of a connect with the world we otherwise see only in small pockets of our daily routines. It cuts out the mundane, brings us in touch with our dreams and passions. Lingerie, very much in a similar fashion gets us closer to our deep desires and longings, while staying with the persons’ zone of comfort and indulgence.

The tingling sensation of a warm caress or the beauty of the perfect fit & shape – inner wear often arouses deep positive feeling of well being. Much like great art that can lift the spirit, awaken sensory delight and lead to overall wellness. , in association with IIFW 2, is bringing to you, a curated collection of artworks that celebrates Color & richness, warmth & glow, passion & possession. Our artists are observant and insightful, unforced & un manipulated, wishful yet bold and expressive & uncensored! It is by this process of self-revelation; these artists disclose their inner sanctum of values and life.

This intimacy is what IIFW 2 brings to the forefront. The unabashed celebration of the woman, her deep desire for comfort, closeness, and self-esteem. Celebrating what we admire, displaying our deepest fetishes & image of the complete goddess that we will admire, worship & love.

IIFW 2 brings the designers and models that help us dream, imagine & yearn. brings us the means to another celebration; that of our success and our personal statement.

Two peas of a Pod, joint in sensory delights, imagining a colorful and intimate togetherness of power, personality, and passion.

Celebrating life, celebrating the women in our lives, ArtSpread & IIFW 2!

Awaken your senses, break some taboo, feed your yearnings!

Let Art Find You, only at
















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