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It’s hard, right ? Having to pick a favorite art style or technique in the gallery . Why would one need to rank or choose between Leonardo or Van Gogh or Manet or Velasquez or Vermeer or Picasso or Dali …. For that matter, between Hussain or Gaitonde or Ara or Sabavalla or Subodh Gupta or Raza …….

How will you decide from Ramesh Jhawar or Parag Borse or Sahajahan or Victor Selvaraj or SK Sahni or Sudesh Mahaan or Viraag Desai or Atin Basak or Meena Deora ? And all the other displayed artists in the gallery, for that matter ?

An imprint , a certain free expression , a personality imprint : that is what draws me to an artists’ work. There are many who can draw – several who can paint , but how many leave that mark that beholds your attention and leave a craving driven by unsatiated desire for more!

We deliberately chose the versatility of the named artists above and the stark differences in how they perceive life through art.

Atin is a master of the tempura medium , his works displaying immense precision and warmth. Shruti is bohemian in her expressionism , the feminine touch of grace, style , delicate nests comes through her works . Meena , like Shruti , has learnt under the guidance of the eminent artist Rameshwar Broota. Her style is precision,geometric , inspired by architecture and proportions. Viraag is enigmatic – brilliant compositions , eye for detail yet a certain ramble that reflects the disorder and decay around us.

SK Sahni is another gem : subdued works,minimalism in Colour and composition , yet his geometry inspired works take you to a galactic exploration of the near and far, finite and infinite. His works draw me to the extremely gifted photographer associated with – Karam Puri. Lines , angles, geometry and the sense of balance you see, is astounding.  Sudesh, is extremely tempered and studied in his expressionism. He draws from life around him – in lines, in shades, in Color. Parag brings the earthiness to life in his crayons & mixed media works from the Heart of rural India.

Sahajahan brings his Bengali aesthetics and the struggle of human forms in confined spaces; Jogenesque ,but brilliant in flair and boldness of youth dominate his works. Atin Basak is a studied master – he takes his art seriously ,his tempera works high in precision and Color mixing draw us center stage to his works.

Victor is enigmatic – his works display the range of techniques and compositions very unique. Be it his Krishan Natak series ( compare that to Ramchandra Pokhale’s love of the Dark hued Lord in all his playfulness ) that embody a story in bold white forms etched on a Egyptian crypt like field of detail , or his flamboyant cityscapes depicting the life struggle in our over populated cities or indeed the haunting landscapes.

Pabitra brings quirkiness in a studied expression of life in his beloved city of Benaras. His strokes are bold , his Colors totally bindass and his compositions so serene. brings gems from the art world of absolute quality and lasting value. We will all bring our personal sensibilities to fore while making art purchase , and you will have the assurance of quality and provenance.

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