Art of buying Art!

Art is a matter of personal taste and need. Like most things in life, experience and exposure teaches one the nuances of what to buy and what not to buy.

There are decisions that drive what one buys – home, family, office, prestige, and status, among other things.

The obvious traps of a good, pleasing image are too easy to fall into. How often have we stopped to admire landscapes or portraits only to forget them in a short time when they no longer have that newness or feeling of uniqueness.

A buyer must search for technically sound artists, who will stand out in a crowd. Such artists are often unconventional and bold in their execution or their compositions. With patronage, such artists gain prominence and their works begin to attract a wider audience.

Age is no yardstick or barrier, but like any other trade, artists over time have the ability to hone their skills, organize their thought and composition much better and get the ability of improvement or experimentation from viewer feedback. Over time, they end up creating a trademark like product – look around you among famous artists and their works. The proof is in the pudding!

Check how the art will add color and life to your surroundings, how it will improve moods and atmosphere. These are the works that you should consider for purchase.

A budget helps and within this you should add recycling some of your previous art acquisitions to add an element of fun, rotation, and newness.

As any man-made thing, with rising costs, artworks should and will appreciate over time. However, since there are no entry barriers, all art will compete for attention, recognition, and value with other emerging art. Only a handful of ‘discovered’ artists manage to get sustainable patronage that assures increasing values. So, buying art to invest is a nonstarter unless one is prepared to stick with recognized names and be willing to bear market fluctuations.

Art must pull at the heart, must be enduring in sustenance of happy memories and vibes, should sit well in its surroundings and always encourage conversation and remembrance.

To begin with – take a family member or friend around to browse, ask, esquire, and engage with artists where possible. Today, thanks to technology, you can do so, with real life image quality by visiting art galleries online. This will provide quality, best price discovery, and access to artists spread across.

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