We “Citizens” know very well what FATIGUE means. The relentless march of work and duty and money and competition and entertaining and being entertained and losing and winning, but always, always on the run.

And then we want to leave it all behind – the rat race, the prizes, the winnings… a life that makes sense, a use of time that matches the bio rhythms of your soul.


The gate to the soul, the mix for the food, the froth to the tired spirit!

Lets start with Black, the dark and the intensely brooding colour. It has stayed with us forever, for half a day, the harbinger of the unknown and mysterious, the fearful and the dead. Yet, it is intense, stark and cold. No colour is complete without it; no message is worthwhile unless black envelops it in its completeness.

The other end of the spectrum, the yellow – bright, scorching, humming and forceful like a lion in heat. Then there is the Red, reminding us about blood and passion and sin and “josh” and rebellions. It is brash and angry, hard to tame, yet the closest to our hearts! The Green as the perpetual balm, renewal and perseverance its everlasting qualities. Blue is vast, isn’t it?! It’s the colour you lose your mind to: the moody, shifty oceans to the slow dance of clouds in the blue skies. This colour is the perfect shifter; azure, to Prussian, and to Pantone 290 and then the lapis lazuli hues, the Mediterranean blues being a little apart from the Aegean blues. The Pacific blue being more weathered than the Atlantic blues, perhaps?! And the White! Melting in with all of them, in stark brightness of its purity and solidarity, but touch me not appeal.

Did I just not trigger that warm memory, lost for a while in the burdened mind of your soul?! Of the sepia tinted late afternoon sun through the window in your old home, playing a kind of Pokémon Go with your mind on a brisk winter day. The sheer joy of the colourless rain on the green carpet of the lawns in your garden painted across the grey, ominous skies?? The fuzzy chestnut brown hair of your spaniel across your lap, his enormous pink tongue oozing a white of the friendly saliva as you stared into its sad but happy black eyes??

Colour captures, yet it liberates. It stops you, it pushes you forward. It cures and its heals. Your moods become the colours you imagine, your senses absorb the colours you crave for. It sets the mood, it creates the is hardwired in our mind; there is no mind without colour.

Well maybe, we just slow it down a bit. And stay with colour. As Peter Wright wrote – ” Speed kills colour – the gyroscope, when turning at full speed, shows up gray” (hell, even that is colour, isn’t it!) Civilizations have turned to colour to spice up things –be it the Red Tomatino fest in Spain, the Battle of the Oranges in Italy, the Green Teej in India, and the biggest of them all, the Indian Holi.

So write us – what do you find the most ‘mysterious’ colour? And the most ‘shaded’ colour. And what is your Colour?

Please take your foot off the pedal, just for a while, if you can. Go get some colour therapy. Gibran did exhort us once – “ Let me, O let me bathe my soul in colours; Let me swallow the sunset and drink the rainbow!”

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