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Viraag Desai

Born in Calcutta 1986, Viraag graduated with a BFA from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2009. His works have been widely shown in USA & India. He has recently finished an artist residency in Nielson Gallery, Grazalema,Spain and is working towards a series of shows in Shangaiin in 2015. Currently, the artist lives and works in Kolkata.
Tibetan ‘thankas’, and ‘pata’ paintings of old Bengal have been a great source of inspiration for Viraag. While in art school, he studied the techniques and aesthetics  of traditional art styles, combining their iconography with modern themes. The resultant works were exhibited in a  show held in the Sullivan Galleries in downtown Chicago.
Having  moved towards a type of abstract expressionism his new works that tend to strike hard at the conventional notions of propriety in form. He uses spray-guns, acrylics, polyurethane gel, and pigment dispersions to achieve a variety of texture in his work.

' I am trying to convey concept through the use of medium and processes, by taking the piece out of the realm of 'image' and creating a multi-sensorial experience.'

 Viraag refers to mechanical forms as a point of departure, depicting chaotic arrangements of flora and fauna, figures from various militant/historical scenes on traditional technique of dying cloth surfaces which results in his depictions of living in isolated rural landscapes.
He  uses found objects  along with traditional artist media and his own created media using dried paint, fabric and other local materials. Appropriation of these various materials and techniques result in cinematic glimpses of his pesronal contemporary voice.
Working part-time as a graphic and set designer, Viraag uses his experience from these disciplines to constantly inform and develop his painting practice.

Viraag is an artist to watch out for on the Indian contemporary art scene.