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Aloke Kumar Paul

Aloke Kumar Paul

Attached with different NGOs since last 12 years, I got opportunity to work directly with the deprived children and adolescents which helped me to develop in depth understanding about their psychology. They have immense potentiality to make innovative creation. However, making effective communication with them is a big challenge. Over years I have gathered experience to communicate, especially, with these children & adolescents. I have tried to develop special tools & techniques, utilizing art, to reveal their inherent talents and chanellize their energy in a positive way.

I have gathered experience of working with the following NGOs:

  • CINI ASHA, the urban unit of Child In Need Institute(1999-2005)
  • Tomorrow’s Foundation(2001-2003)
  • Lokayata(2003-June 2006)
  • BITAN- Institute of Training & Networking(2005-2007)
  • RIHAD- Research Institute For Human And Agricultural Development(since 2007


  • 2012: Voyage Towards Peace (Azad Bhawan Art Gallery, ICCR Delhi)
  • 2011: Maria pestana art gallery (Spain)
  • 2011: Taj Bengal
  • 2010: Symphony 2 (Srimati Art Gallery)
  • 2010: Symphony (Gorky Sadan)
  • 2009: Shades of Enlightenment (Aloke’s Studio)
  • 2009: Fragmented Traditions 3  (Aloke’s Studio)
  • 2009: Fragmented Traditions 2  (Aloke’s Studio)
  • 2008: The Fragmented Traditions (Chemould Art Gallery)
  • 2007: Inspiring Humanity in  Spirituality Canvas (Srimati Art Gallery)
  • 2006: Exploring Spiritual Rhythm (Chemould Art Gallery)
  • 2004: Spiritual Lane (Chemould Art Gallery)


  • 2015: Utsav Art Academy (Gallery Gold)
  • 2009: The affordable art fair  (Nirvana,Delhi, India)
  • 2009: An Exclusive Group Exhibition of Painting (Chemould Art Gallery, Kolkata India)
  • 2008: Olympic Fine Arts 2008,organized by IOC, the Ministry of Culture P.R.C. and Organizing Committee of the XXIX Olympiad in China International Exhibition Center, China
  • 2008: Palm Art Award exhibition  (Art Domain Gallery, Germany)
  • 2008: Creativity Unlimited (Master Collection Art Gallery)
  • 2008:Larger Perspective (Master Collection Art Gallery)
  • 2008: Small is Beautiful  (Master Collection Art Gallery)
  • 2008: In the Spirit of Olympic (Park Hotel)
  • 2008:Rabindra Pratikriti o Rabindra Jiboner Chabi (Srimati Art Gallery,Kolkata,India)
  • 2008: Charukala Barshik Utsab (Tathya kendra, Kolkata, India)
  • 2008: Contemporary Art Fair 2008, Kolkata,( Ice skating rink,India)
  • 2008: Art Festival (Ice skating rink, KolkatArtist a, India)
  • 2007: Kalamela 2007 (Rabindrasadan, Kolkata, India)
  • 2007: Group show ( Rottery Shadan, Kolkata, India)
  • 2007: Monsoon 2007 , organized by  Kamalnayan Bajaj Art Gallery, India
  • 2007: Painting Delights (Birla Academy of Art & Culture, India)
  • 2006: Hilton Tower, Mumbai, organized by Indiatimes art gallery, India
  • 2006: Kalamela (Birla Academy of Art & Culture, India)
  • 2006: India Habitat Centre, Open Palm Court Gallery,Delhi, India
  • 2006: West Bengal Akademi Kolkata, India


  • Gold Medalist in Olympic Fine Arts 2008.
  • Awarded with Certificate of Excellence in Palm Art Award 2008, Germany.
  • Vocational service award 2008-09 by Rotary Club of Calcutta Magnum
  • Youth Achiever 2008 for Rotary International District 3291